Presenting Kiwix hotspot, the lightweight server

Kiwix hostpot is a portable server. With it, you can create a local network and deliver content to users.

Kiwix hostpot allows you to share files easily: once they are connected to the Kiwix network, content is available for anybody through their own Web browser.

A local network

All you need is a wi-fi equipped device (cell phone, tablet or computer) to access it. Better yet, you can extend the server's range with a simple 10 USD router. ZIM files are stored on a removable microSD card.

Kiwix hotspots can be used in schools, in stores - anywhere

It is an easy go-to solution that provides content without having to download and install it on every user's phone, tablet or computer. Hosted on a Raspberry Pi, it really is a plug-and-play, low-consumption device: depending on storage size, you can build your own for less than USD 100.

Hotspots are currently deployed in a dozen countries around the world. Download the installer or Contact us to learn more!