More than 50,000 Medical Articles

All at the tip of a finger, available 24/7. Everywhere. For free.

Imagine how many Med school students, physicians, and rural health workers would benefit from such an app. One that allows them to access essential information in a reliable manner.

That's why we created Wikimed

With the Wiki Project Med Foundation, we selected content related to human anatomy, pharmacology, medicine, and sanitation. And we put it all into a simple phone application.

Once installed, people can read it offline. Without the need for an internet connection.

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We are just getting started

Wikimed is available in ten languages, including Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Spanish and Farsi. We are working with Translators without Borders and local communities to make it available in other languages.

Because if there is something better than free medical content, it is content that users can also understand in their own language.

Wiki Project Med Foundation is a nonprofit organization whose purpose is to provide the sum of all medical knowledge to all people in their own language. For more information, see