Kiwix Hotspot

What is a Kiwix Hotspot?

The Kiwix Hotspot creates a local WiFi network from an inexpensive mini computer like the Raspberry Pi: contents can be chosen from the Kiwix library. The Raspberry range is that of a regular classroom (10-12m) and serves about 30 simultaneous users.

This solution is especially useful for schools, libraries, communities, humanitarian organisation etc. The end users just need a WiFi-enabled device; they don’t need to download or install anything.


What kind of content can I distribute with a Kiwix Hotspot?

Like all Kiwix software, the Hotspot works with content packages in the .zim format.

How do I turn my Raspberry Pi into a hotspot?

You can either download the installer and create an image with your own computer, or buy credits from our online cardshop and use our servers.

Do you sell ready-to-use Raspberry Pi computers with pre-configured SD cards?

Not directly but we have a list of vendors depending on your region. Please contact us if you are interested.

How much does it cost?

A complete Raspberry set should set you back around USD 50-60. MicroSD cards at a store start from USD 20 and up.

Demo version

Want to know what the look and feel is? Check out a demo version here.

Hotspot installer

A free version of the hotspot installer is available for macOS, GNU/Linux and Windows.

See also our documentation on how to run it.