Kiwix needs your support

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Every donation helps maintaining offline access

Your support will help us pay for servers, coding certificates, maintenance and everything else that makes Kiwix run smoothly for millions without internet access. You can help us here via credit card or PayPal.

People download Kiwix every day. They use it because local connectivity is poor, because of censorship, or to save on data costs. Or simply because they do not want to be tracked when browsing Wikipedia or watching TED talks. 

We do not run ads, nor do we track nor store user data. We only do offline distribution. 

Your donation will help us:

  • Release Kiwix Desktop 2.0 and Kiwix Android 3.0
  • Improve Kiwix Hotspot
  • Deploy a ZIMfarm that will automatically update ZIM files on a monthly basis
  • Start working on incremental updates

We are a Swiss-based registered charity. This receipt is normally tax-deductible, but do check with the tax autorities of your home country.

Our partners

Thanks to Nebrass Farfoor for the Arabic translations.

Would you like to become a partner or sponsor of the Kiwix project as well? Please contact us for more information.