Kiwix Hotspot

What is a Kiwix Hotspot?

The Kiwix Hotspot creates a local WiFi network from an inexpensive mini computer like the Raspberry Pi: contents can be chosen from the Kiwix library. The Raspberry range is that of a regular classroom (10-12m) and serves about 30 simultaneous users.

This solution is especially useful for schools, libraries, communities, humanitarian organisation etc. The end users just need a WiFi-enabled device; they don’t need to download or install anything.


What kind of content can I distribute with a Kiwix Hotspot?

Like all Kiwix software, the Hotspot works with content packages in the .zim format.

How do I turn my Raspberry Pi into a hotspot?

You can either download the installer and create an image with your own computer, or buy credits from our online cardshop and use our servers.

Do you sell ready-to-use Raspberry Pi computers with pre-configured SD cards?

We do not sell preloaded Paspberry Pi but we have a list of vendors depending on your region. Please contact us if you are interested.

If you only need to save time and what our servers to run the card generation, you can subscribe to our Cardshop.

How much does it cost?

A complete Raspberry set should set you back around USD 50-60. MicroSD cards at a store start from USD 20 and up. 

Demo version

Want to know what the look and feel is? Check out a demo version here.

Hotspot installer

A free version of the hotspot installer is available for macOS, GNU/Linux and Windows.

See also our documentation on how to run it.

Cardshop access

If you want to avoid the hassle of downloading packages and asking your computer to generate the image, you can order directly from the Kiwix cardshop.