Custom Apps

Kiwix Customs Apps combine a specific content package and a reader into one easy to install app. They are available on iOS, Android and Windows devices.


Android / iOS

WikiMed lets you browse, search and read more than 50’000 Wikipedia articles on medical topics on your smartphone or tablet. This app is a valuable tool for healthcare professionals in remote areas and students alike. Like all Kiwix apps, WikiMed needs no Internet connection once it is installed.

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WikiMed mini


A lightweight, storage-saving version of the WikiMed app topped at 100 Mb. 

Wikimed mini has no images, and focuses on the introduction and infobox.



This offline version of the Wikivoyage project is your ideal travel guide: Even in very remote areas with no internet connectivity (or to save on roaming costs) you have all necessary information about any travel destination at your fingertips.

Wikivoyage World for Android

Wikivoyage Europe for Android


Chemistry & Physics


This suite of interactive chemistry and physics simulations designed by the University of Colorado explores a wide range of science and math concepts through an intuitive, game-like environment that promotes exploration and discovery.



This app provides valuable information for biologists and nature lovers – no matter how far away from civilisation (and an internet connection) they may be. WikiSpecies covers more than 500.000 animals and plants.