Our offering at a glance

KIWIX Reader

The KIWIX Reader allows you to use content packages in the ZIM format. It is available for all mayor operating systems. It comes as a standalone application or as a browser plug-in. Simply choose the KIWIX Reader that suits you best.

KIWIX Content Packages

Our content packages provide a selection of the best free content available on the Web for you to download: Wikipedia, Wictionary, WikiVoyage, Project Gutenberg, and many more. KIWIX Content Packages come in the ZIM format. Typically, you will download these packages from within your KIWIX Reader, but there may be reasons to download them directly.

KIWIX Custom Apps

Our Custom Apps combine a specific content package and a reader into one easy to install app. Custom Apps are available for your iOS or Android device for many topics and languages.

KIWIX Server

KIWIX Server is a ZIM compatible web server. It allows you to deliver ZIM file content over the HTTP protocol within your local network. You simply start KIWIX Server on your machine, and your content will be available for anybody through their web browser.

KIWIX Hotspot

KIWIX Hotspot allows you to distribute free content through a local WiFi network with an inexpensive mini computer like the Raspberry Pi. This solution is especially useful for schools, libraries, communities, humanitarian organisation etc. The end users just need a WiFi device with a browser, they don’t have to download and install anything on their devices.

KIWIX Scrapers

A scraper is a piece of software that collects the content of a website an wraps it in a ZIM package. As an end user, you don’t have to deal with scrapers – you simply download our content packages. But if you want to create your own content packages, the KIWIX Scrapers might be useful for you.