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Download Kiwix !

With most versions of Kiwix, you can download content packages from within the application. However, for macOS and browser extensions you have to download ZIM files separately.


Download and unpack Kiwix 2.0 (64 bits) anywhere on your hard drive or on a USB flash drive to use it.

Kiwix JS is a smaller alternative for Windows 10 tablets, phones, PC and Xbox, and can be downloaded from the Windows store or directly from here (sideloading instructions here).


Download this DMG file, mount it by double clicking, and copy the Kiwix app to your Applications folder.

Also available on iTunes

GNU/Linux – x86-64 bit binaries 

Download .appimage file, then set executable permission and execute it.

GNU/Linux – Flathub

Follow the instructions on the Flathub page


This version is compatible with all devices that run Android v5.0 or higher. This link takes you directly to the Google Play store.




This version is compatible with iPhones and iPads running iOS 11 or higher.

Extensions for Chrome / Firefox / Edge

Browser security will limit some features compared to the regular application, but all three extensions will read most ZIM files without problem.

Kiwix Hotspot

Hotspot installer

You can also install Kiwix on a Raspberry Pi. Download the installer on your computer (user manual is here), or use our servers to speed things up.

Source code

Kiwix can run on almost every operating system, but we don’t provide pre-compiled binaries for all of them. You may download the source code from our github repositories and compile Kiwix on your own.