Kiwix lets you access free knowledge – even offline

Store Wikipedia or any website on your mobile phone or computer, easily

Kiwix is a free software that brings knowledge to millions around the world by making it available offline.

Wherever you go, you can browse Wikipedia, read books from the Gutenberg Library, or watch TED talks and much more – even if you don’t have an Internet connection.

Raspberry Pi Hotspot

Create your own Raspberry Hotspot!

Run Kiwix on your Raspberry Pi and create an offline hotspot to share Wikipedia, the Gutenberg Library and thousands more contents in hundreds of languages!

Download the entirety of Wikipedia, or create your own selection and let our servers build it for you.



Offline access makes a difference




Affordable access to knowledge

The Governement of Cuba has rolled out Kiwix-based EcuMovil across all internet centers on the island.

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North Korea

Uncensored content

In North Korea access to free knowledge is restricted. Defector NGOs use Kiwix to bring knowledge of the outside world to the country.

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More resources for students

Felix and the Open Foundation West Africa bring Wikipedia and the Wiktionary to schools across Ghana.

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