Charles Boudry

Charles Boudry specialises in trade law - with a focus on art and cultural goods. After working at the Legal department of the World Bank, he joined an international law firm based in Geneva. Charles strongly believes that Law can be a tool rather than an obstacle for growth and development.


Stéphane Coillet-Matillon

As a jack of all trades, Stephane manages day-to-day operations at Kiwix that are not related to coding. Born and raised in France, he studied and worked in Canada, West Africa and China. He also worked at the central Function of a Fortune-500 company and later founded his own consultancy business but agrees that choices will have to be made as Kiwix grows more independant and requires more involvement. He is not very fond of writing about himself at the third person but understands that challenges have to be met.



Jenny Ebermann

Grown up in Brussels, of German nationality and since a decade living in Switzerland, Jenny Ebermann is an international innovative and visionary Senior Communications and Leadership/Personal Development Professional. With over 17 years of successful multicultural, cross-functional and virtual team management and senior leadership she possesses hands-on experience in the Public Sector, International Organizations, NGOs and Multinational Corporations (B2B/ B2C) in various countries and continents.

Passionate about communications, employee enablement, leadership and development in complex settings, Jenny enjoys working with systemic, mindfulness-based methods empowering people and organizations, thus giving them timely and adequate tools in a world of increased uncertainty, complexity and volatility. She is currently working as CEO for Wikimedia CH and her favorite saying is: “Be the change you want to see in the world”!


Emmanuel Engelhart

Emmanuel Engelhart (User:Kelson) has been a Wikipedia editor since 2004, but is most well known for the inspirational development (with Renaud Gaudin) of Kiwix, the offline Wikipedia. Emmanuel believes that access to information is a basic right that the whole world should be entitled to. “Water is a common good. You understand why you have to care about water. Wikipedia is the same; it’s a common good. We have to care about Wikipedia.”




Renaud Gaudin

Renaud is a historical developer of Kiwix with insights on low-Internet countries usages. He believes that Knowledge and Access to Information are key to development of people and communities. Whether it is the location of the closest bakery, cost of penalties or cultural customs, it has to be shared and made available to all.

Kiwix is the main stone to step on towards this goal which exceeds the immeasurable value of Offline Wikipedia.



Matthieu Gauthier

Matthieu Gautier is a computer and free software engineer. After a few years in Paris, he moved to Lyon to become an independant consultant. Because computers are key to exchanging information, Matthieu tries to build and improve solutions so as to give a better access to knowledge for everyone. Kiwix is one of these solutions and it is a pleasure and source of pride to be part of this project.

Martin Sauter

Martin Sauter holds a Master of Arts from the University of Zurich and works as a consultant with Futurecom, a major digital agency in Switzerland. He also has a profound interest in open source software. Martin teaches part-time at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts (HSLU) and volunteers for the Swiss Laos Hospital Project.


Frédéric Schütz

Frédéric works in both science and communication. A university lecturer, he is also a partner in a small agency which provide public relations services – a position that allows him to help individuals and companies work with Wikipedia, in the respect of its rules and its community.

Frédéric also has a strong background in not-for-profit management, including accounting and administration, and has almost 40 years of cumulative presence in various not-for-profit Boards.