Kiwix Hotspot

What is KIWIX Hotspot?

KIWIX Hotspot allows you to distribute free content through a local WiFi network with an inexpensive mini computer like the Raspberry Pi. This solution is especially useful for schools, libraries, communities, humanitarian organisation etc. The end users just need a WiFi device with a browser, they don’t have to download and install anything on their devices.


What kind of content can I distribute with KIWIX Hotspot?

Like all KIWIX software, KIWIX Hotspot works with content packages in the ZIM format.

Ist KIWIX Hotspot software or hardware?

KIWIX Hotspot (or KIWIX Plug as it was formerly called) is the software. However, sometimes we use the term «KIWIX Hotspot» for a mini computer running the KIWIX Hotspot software as well.

How do I install KIWIX Hotspot on my Raspberry Pi?

Please read our tutorial How to set up KIWIX Hotspot.

Which hardware is KIWIX Hotspot compatible with?

Please refer to the KIWIX Wiki for more information.

Do you sell pre-configured SD cards for Raspberry Pi (or other plug computers?)

Not currently. Please contact us if you are interested.

Do you sell ready-to-use Raspberry Pi computers with pre-configured SD cards.

Not currently. Please contact us if you are interested.