Not everyone has internet access

And when they do, it may be slow, unreliable or even censored. Kiwix is an offline solution that allows you to access educational content like Wikipedia, the Wiktionary, TED talks and many others on any computer or smartphone - without the need for a live internet connection.

Kiwix works in schools, universities, prisons

And of course at home. It is much faster than the Internet and can be used to save bandwidth and download time. Kiwix is small and efficient, works on low power or old computers. It also runs on a wide range of operating systems, from Android and iOS to Microsoft Windows, macOS and GNU/Linux distributions.


There is more than a million of them every year.


CC-by-SA Elemaki

Access to internet in Cuba still is expensive.

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North Korea


Helping uncensored media dissemination in the Hermit Kingdom.

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USAID/Alda Kauffeld

Schools in Northern Ghana now have access to better education resources.

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Wikimed is an app that gives access to 50,000 medical articles, for free.

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